But Mom, I'm not an athlete!

Running Scared

The Story



A story about a boy who dreams of other things. In the late 1970's a nine-year-old boy is forced by his parents to play sports. Every year it was another sport. T-ball, baseball, soccer, and football. No matter what sport his parents stuck him into, Zachary, knew it was not for him. He played the sport because it was what was expected of him. Boys play sports! Zachary did not know what he wanted to do or become.  This year it was flag football. It’s game day. Little did Zachary know his life would forever be changed. By the end of the day, Zachary, will know where his passion belongs. The events of the day from the argument with his mother, to the coach, a television show, and an actor who was the co-coach for the day, will cause Zachary to run for his life!

Running Scared is based on true life event..


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The Main Cast

Jackson Lynch ... Zachary 

Dylan Gassner ... Brett Taylor 

Tara Madison ... Mom (voice) 

Rachel D'Ambrosio ... Illyana Gates 

Jesse Trabold ... Asher Gates 


Additional Cast

Carter Harcek ... Brian Ann Mason 

Frankie Petrosino ... Jake Lisp 

Jesse Schratz ... Jaz Ethin McCloud 

Jivan Xander Ramesh ... Robert Bosby 

Albert Jack Peterson ... Huskies Player 

River Mason Eromosele ... Huskies Player 

Logan Wilson ... Football Teammate 

Emmalee Kocsi ... Jane Gibbs 

Logan Preston Hale ... Football Teammate 

Jack Corrigan ... Flipp Russell 

Eric Sokolowski ... Huskies Player 

Noble B. Whitted ... Huskies Player 

Adison Marley ... Henry McCloud 

Victor Farino ... Huskies Player 

Jonas Wishnic ... Lloyd Francisco 

Simon Abbott ... Huskies Player 

Mason Lokhandwala ... Huskies Player 

Nico Petrosino ... Phil Gibbs 

Mikey Berry ... Huskies Player 

Noah Abdelgader ... Huskies Player 

Bray Brown ... Huskies Player 

Cade Burton ... Lane Jackson 

Mason Hitchon ... Huskies Player 

Adrian Tedder ... Ben Taylor 

C.J. Qumburji ... Huskies Player 

Justin Figueroa ... Huskies Player 

Owen Bacher ... Huskies Player 

Luke Pakula ... Huskies Player 

Robert Yanez ... Huskies Player 

Christopher Schneider ... Christopher 'Chris' Ray 

Peter LoPresti ... Football Teammate 

Dominic Farino ... Huskies Player  

Logan Barnett ... Kyle Kennedy 



Directed and written by Zac Gates

First Looks

The Phone Call

QB & the Coach

The Meeting


The Meeting